How to Coat Your Garage Floor with a DIY Epoxy Resin Flooring Product?

How to Coat Your Garage Floor with a DIY Epoxy Resin Flooring Product?

Laying Epoxy resin flooring isn’t a cakewalk. But, if you happen to perform the task with extreme care and some expert advice, then you can certainly lay high quality epoxy flooring in your garage. Following is a step-by-step procedure for coating your garage with Epoxy resin flooring:
1. Preparation: If you want to have quality epoxy flooring, then you should put extra efforts in preparation. A high pressure washer or grinder can turn out to be a great tool for preparation of this task. You have to continue grinding floor till you manage to remove the cement’s upper layer. Sweep up the dust after completion of this task. Thereafter, use a high pressure washer to wash off the entire place to make it clean and free the floor of debris or residue.

2. Mixing process: The mixing of resin and hardener should be in an absolutely correct ratio. Ideally, it has to be 3:1, but in some cases ratios differ. You should mix only 4 liters at once else it might end up being wasted. In case of primer, you would also require a relatively thinner layer of resin for allowing the primer to soak properly into the concrete.

3. Primer Coat: Once the mixing is ready, time is of absolute essence. Without wasting time, you need to start off using a paint brush. Start from a corner and move outwards so that your footprints don’t mess up the layer.

4. Fill the cracks and final coating: Within one day of applying the primer, put the final coat on to ensure a smooth and even floor surface.

5. Final Coat: The final coat is similar to the primer, except that it excludes the solvent and includes the tint on the top most layer.

6. Curing duration: Give time to the floor to dry out the paint coat for a few days. After this period, your floor will be ready for heavy use by vehicles.

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