Select the Right Polishing Pads to Fit Best for Your Job

Select the Right Polishing Pads to Fit Best for Your Job


Floors and other surfaces made of stone or concrete need to be polished every few years to bring back their sheen and impart a classy, elegant look. For this purpose, specially designed polishing machines are used, which make use of polishing pads rotating at high speed. These pads are applied to the surface to the polished and their motion gives the surface a scratch-free and reflective polish. For different materials and different purposes, there are different kinds of polishing pads that are best suited to the job at hand. You need to know which kind of polishing pad to use if you are expecting optimum results. Here are a few things to consider –
• Type – Polishing pads come in different types. Parameters of difference include the shape and size of the pads, the material in use and the particular kinds of surface it is meant to be used on. Based on the surface material, polishing pads can be made from many different materials, the most common being diamond.

• Grits – Polishing pads also come in different grits. The grit number is the measure of the coarseness of the polish imparted to the surface by the pad. Low grits like 30 are used for rough polishing, as a starting point of the polishing process, or when there are minor differences of level throughout the surface. Finer grits are used to finish the polishing process and bring about the reflective look that is the characteristic property of a well-polished surface.

• Machine – Last but not the least, you need to consider the make and model of the polishing machine in use, and pay heed to the recommended range of polishing pads to go with it. This will ensure that there are no hiccups during the polishing process and you will end up with a smooth, shiny surface.

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